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Our Lady Mary, Mother of God

St. Mary is known to be the mediator for all grace and advocate for all the devotees before God.  She is the “mother of our Lord” as she was welcomed in this address by Elizabeth the aged mother of St. John the Baptist (St. Luke 1:43)


In our common prayers the Lord’s prayer beginning “Our Father who art in Heaven etc” is generally followed  by a repetition of the message of angel Gabriel – St. Luke 1:28- Hail Mary etc and the words of praise of Elizabeth – St. Luke 1:42 – “Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your words.”  We finish it with an appeal for her mediation on our behalf for ever before Almighty even at the moment of our death


In the sacramental services and prayers of the church from the early periods, the mediation of St. Mary was an integral part.  The altars of the churches are sanctified invariably with the name of St. Mary over and above the other saints.  Among the three altars of the Karingachira church one is in the name of St. Mary alone, the main altar being St. George’s and the other St. John’s both in association with St. Mary


In the Syriac Orthodox Churches along with the Holy Mass a textual prayer service in the name of St. Mary is generally conducted at the request of devotees for St. Mary’s intercession.  The text for this can be seen in the book of ‘Qurbono Kramam’.  It was first published in Syriac by St.  Mor Gregorios of Parumala at the behest of Patriarch of Antioch and All the East.  According to the teachings of the Church, God is pleased to respond to petitions offered to Him routed through the intercession of St. Mary the Virgin Mother.  This was the constant teaching of the holy fathers since the beginning of the Christian church


Let us go to our Mother.  She would point to her son with the message “Do whatever He tells her so you”.  (St. John 2:5).  She would intercede to her son and our Lord for fulfilling our shortages, well in advance, as it was done during the marriage feast at Cana of Galilee.  Be the Mother’s prayer a fort around us for ever  Amen.


 The words from Virgin Mary:

“While I had him in my womb, I bore him without any pain, without any heaviness or discomfort. I humbled myself in all things, knowing that he whom I bore was the Almighty! When I gave birth to him, it was also without any pain or sin, just as I had conceived him, but with such exaltation and joy of soul and body that my feet did not feel the ground where they had been standing because of this indescribable joy! Just as he had entered my limbs to the joy of all my soul, he left my body, leaving my virginity intact. When I gazed upon and contemplated his beauty, joy seeped through my soul like dewdrops and I knew myself to be unworthy of such a son…”