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OVBS 2014

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Christmas 2013

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Nativity Prelude

Jessy and Team Christmas Song

Christmas Carol 2013


Council of Churches Nativity

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Diocesan Level Winners

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Benjamin Thomas             5th rank holder                 Centralized exam             grade 12

Jesna Wilson                      1st place winner               Malayalam speech          grades 9 and 10

Jeslin Wilson                      2nd place winner             English story-telling         grades 3 and 4

Leona Paul                          1st place winner              English song                      grades 1 and 2

Aralyn GeeVarghese         1st place winner               Drawing competition      grades 1 and 2

Emilin George                    2nd place winner             Drawing competition      grades KG and Nursery

Save The Date – Church Picnic – July 06- 2013

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