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Marth Mariam Samajam


It was almost two decades ago that our parish was established as an independent unit. MMS was and continues to be an integral part of our church body through these years.


During the early 90’s most of us were at the beginning stages of establishing our own family units. During these crucial years the role if MMS was very important in our lives. The moral support, guidance and prayers of its members as a group enabled us to grow in faith during various turbulent times of our lives.

It is imperative that I appreciate the efforts of a number of women in our church who gave their valuable time and energy as well as true commitment towards the activities of the MMS, both at leadership levels and as regular members.


we also remember all our previous vicars and our beloved Barnabas Thirumeni for their support . We also thank our current vicar Very. Rev. Dr Varghese Plamthottam for giving us a renewed energy and his wonderful guidance as a true father.


Above all we thank God almighty for his abundant grace and mercy over the years. We pray that we will continue to grow in spirit by his Glory and keep us united as one large joint family.


This we request through the intercession of St. Mary The Mother of God, our patron saint St. Baselios and of all other saints of our church.