Spiritual Treasurey

All my dearly beloved in Christ


In this Liturgical Cycle of the Church, we are passing through Ascension of our Lord ( Day 40 ), May 21, after Easter.
Please read { St. Matthew 28: 16-20; St. Mark 16: 19-20; St. Luke 24:50-53 and Acts 1 : 4-11].
This Sunday May 24 is the Sunday before PENTECOST. The Holy Gospel reading is from St. John 17: 13-26.
The whole chapter is teaching us Christ’s Prayer , often called the "HIGH PRIESTLY PRAYER" , AS IT CONTAINS THE BASIC ELEMENTS OF PRAYER.

Christ's Prayer includes:
1. Christ’s Prayer for Himself ( 17: 1-5 )
2. Christ’s Prayer for the Apostles ( 17: 6-19 )
3. Christ’s Prayer for the Church ( 17: 20-23 )
4. Christ’s Prayer for All ( 17: 24-26 )

I want to share two basic themes in our life

First, Confidence with our Prayer.
We are called to submit ceaseless prayers in confidency of God’s blessings under all life situations.
Our focus is to find Calm Place at the feet of the Lord. As soon as trouble comes, hasten there and call ceaselessly upon Him and God will help, everything will quieten down. The nature of inner prayer is the TIME OF HIDDEN MARTYDOWN. Remember, the inner prayer reveals the hidden passions concealed in the human heart and to tame them. St. John Cassian (A.D.360-435) , who was a monk live in Bethlehem, Egypt and Constantinople said: “ At times the onset of passions and the invasion of hostile thoughts is so powerful that leads to a great struggles in the Soul. With our Prayer in Confidence, we should proclaim our faith and devoting ourselves will invariably bring us victory over passions of life.” The famous Acrostic Poem says: “ May be this day is not one of your favorite. But never forget that Every Day you Wake up is an AMAZING GIFT and its up to you to make it count.” We should know that God has chosen us His own should give us confidence to call him when we are in trouble. Through out the Scripture, we see evidence of God working to save His people. Remember, in His greatness, no problem is too great for Him to solve.

Second, Christian Response to suffering-The goal on acquiring PEACE amidst suffering.
Remember, when suffering continues to impact us all, we again face the perennial question of the role of suffering in our Christian life. The Physical, Spiritual and Mental pain , however great or small will reveal the shadow and love of God can experienced in its midst. So, harbor for our hope in Him. The positive energy is living with our divine wisdom thoughts and moving forward. Navigate life from learning lessons. This focus is a big step to deal with Hope, Fear and Grief. Meditate with the Words of God to get us back to right path. If life is a movie, it is called , ‘ closed until further notice.’ The Homilies of St. Makarios says: “ When Grace possesses the ranges of the heart, it rules over all the members of the Body and the Thoughts. For then IN THE HEART IS THE MIND, and this way Grace penetrates also to all members of the body”. Remember, Noah’s Prayer in the midst of crisis: “ God of heaven we ask for your mercy through this terrible storm. You called me to build a ship to preserve my family, and animals that you brought to me . And I have sought to be faithful to honor You in all that I have done. Preserve us now through Your Judgment on this world.” 2 Peter 3: 8-9 says: “ But beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but all should come to REPENTANCE.”Remember, “ EVERY HOMELAND IS A FOREIGHN LAND AND EVERY FOREIGN LAND IS A HOMELAND.” Psalms 119: 19 says: “ I am but a Foreigner here on Earth. “. Our Parish gathering always impact us with this thought.

May God bless all to have insight with the Spiritual Treasury. Amen.

With prayers,
V. Rev. Dr. Varughese Plamthottathil Chor Episcopos
Vicar and President of St. Baselios Orthodox Church, New York, U.S.A.

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