Three Important Steps On Your Journey

Everyone "connects" in different ways. Depending on your life stage, personality, and circumstances – we each have different needs. We get it. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. But, there is always a next step towards Christ. Here are some some important next steps you should consider.



Do you have questions about Jesus? Questions like, "Who is He and Why does He care about me?" Or, "What's the point of knowing Him?" Maybe you want to know how to have a relationship with Him. These are great questions! So, we offer classes for you and your kids.



Another important step is joining a Small Group. A Small Group is a group of people who get together regularly to develop some good friends and grow their faith



Serving others is vital step in your journey. Jesus said "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me." Join a serving team that fits your unique gifts, desires, and passions.

We can help you with each of these. Just stop by Starting point after a service this weekend.



"Then little children were brought to Him that he might put His hands on them and pray, but the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.'" (Matthew 19:13-14)

The primary objective of our Sunday School is to educate the children about God and our rich Orthodox tradition. Sunday school provides a training ground for children to be more productive in their church and gives them leadership qualities. It also gives them an opportunity to develop their skills and talents for the Lord. The children are able to communicate and share their needs with others.

Every Sunday after Holy Qurbana, Sunday school starts with a general session and prayer after which they attend their individual classes to learn from the textbooks and materials prescribed by the Sunday School Association of Northeast American Diocese. Each class has a primary teacher and a substitute teacher to cover their class in-case of the primary teacher’s absence. Many of our Sunday school students have scored well on their centralized exams.

Our Sunday school children are blessed with many talents. They actively participate in the Area/Diocesan level competitions and talent show. Every year students from our Church win several prizes in the competition. Our Sunday school students also take part in the Orthodox Vacation Bible School (OVBS) conducted for the churches in the Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island areas. Many of our former students are now serving as Sunday school teachers.


The name MGOCSM stands for the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Student Movement. It was originally founded by college and high school students in the form of an annual “Syrian Student Conference” in Kerala, starting in 1908. From a single yearly event, the movement has grown into a multi-faceted organization engaging in social service, occupational training, Orthodox education, and mission work. The MGOCSM has been an influential force in guiding the youth into respectable professions and into being active and devout laity, priests, and bishops of our Orthodox Church.

Worship, Study and Service are the main objective

"The Movement encourages the spirit of worship and train the youth of the Church in private prayer as well as in corporate worship and shall endeavour to interpret the meaning of the liturgy and other forms of worship, by inculcating the habit of regular attendance at the Holy Qurbana and arranging retreats and special days of prayer".

"The Movement organises study groups, lecture series, seminars, symposia and regional and annual conferences for the study of the Bible, the faith of the Church and social concerns."

The Movement shall endeavor: -To render financial help to the poor and deserving by raising funds and shall minister to the sick and provide medical care and bear witness to the Lordship of Christ in every aspect of life and to help the spread of the Gospel.

For MGOCSM, service essentially mean service to the needs of fellow students. Giving educational scholarship is the most important service MGOCSM can and does perform. In fact, during the centenary celebration MGOCSM has taken up this work in a massive manner in the Centenary project "Total Education for one hundred students.

The Movement has three main objectives:

- to deepen the spiritual life of its orthodox members.
- to prepare them to be responsible citizens in the Church and Society
- to encourage them to commit themselves for sacrificial service in the Church and Society

For more information on the MGOCSM of North American please view their 

Marth Mariam Vanitha Samajam (Women’s Wing of Orthodox Church of India)

It was almost two decades ago that our parish was established as an independent unit. MMS was and continues to be an integral part of our church body through these years.

During the early 90’s most of us were at the beginning stages of establishing our own family units. During these crucial years the role if MMS was very important in our lives. The moral support, guidance and prayers of its members as a group enabled us to grow in faith during various turbulent times of our lives.

It is imperative that I appreciate the efforts of a number of women in our church who gave their valuable time and energy as well as true commitment towards the activities of the MMS, both at leadership levels and as regular members.

we also remember all our previous vicars and our beloved Barnabas Thirumeni for their support . We also thank our current vicar Very. Rev. Dr Varghese Plamthottam for giving us a renewed energy and his wonderful guidance as a true father.

Above all we thank God almighty for his abundant grace and mercy over the years. We pray that we will continue to grow in spirit by his Glory and keep us united as one large joint family.

This we request through the intercession of St. Mary The Mother of God, our patron saint St. Baselios and of all other saints of our church.

Prarthikkuka, Pravarthikkuka, Prakasikkuka.

We Believe in the Power of Prayer

Our Prayer meetings serve as a great source of spiritual enrichment and fellowship for the members. Prayer meetings include praise and worship with devotional songs and prayers.

Prayer meetings are held at least once every month at one of our member’s houses, usually on the occasion of the family member’s birthday, wedding anniversary, memorial service of their departed ones, etc.

Our Prayer Coordinator prepares the prayer meeting schedule and keeps the members informed about the upcoming meetings. During the prayer meeting an adult and a youth member of our church are given the chance to speak about a Bible topic. Members are enticed into an in-depth study of the Bible by the quiz competition conducted by our Vicar on a pre-selected chapter in the Bible.

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